Rachel Weisz in ‘Agora’ – experience religious zealotry first-hand

Check out Alejandro Amenábar’s Agora starring Rachel Weisz. It is a film that dramatises how the early Christian movement morphed from a small annoyance in Alexandria in then Roman-ruled Egypt in the 4th century into a massive lynch mob powerful and violent enough to bully the Roman provincial government into tolerating their own intolerance for […]

Let’s ask Eric Manalang: Would an all-powerful infinite god find offense in Mideo Cruz’s work ‘Poleteismo’?

If you are a scientist, have some semblance of a background in science, or even just simply listened to your high school physics teacher and understood what she said, you’d be able to wrap your head around the single biggest point I make in a comment I posted on Get Real Post the other night: […]