A Critique of Communist Ideals, SJW-style “Equality,” Leftism, Etc.

The communist insurgency remains a festering problem of our country. One reason is that some of the ordinary people, “disente,” left-leaning, students and Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) support it. So they believe if socialism was enforced and rich people forced to give to the poor, world problems will be solved. There will be no more […]

Inequality is what makes the world an interesting place to be human

That meme where feminists in other countries are shown dressed in military gear with guns locked and loaded looking really badass while American feminists are shown looking all hip, hedonistic, self-indugent and, well, millennial. Priceless. Open this week’s issue of TIME and get a load of how many pages were devoted to that Women’s March […]

President Rodrigo Duterte will replace the Church and ‘civil society’ as the nation’s champion of Equality

Here we are debating whether the catcall and wolf whistle of President-Elect Rodrigo Duterte (DU30) was sexist or not. Okay, let us debate it for whatever lessons it might give us, but to have it as one of our headline news? Aren’t we losing focus on the biggest problem? Oh, I forgot, it involved one […]

On Disabilities And The Need For Social Acceptance

Just recently, there’s been quite a reaction to the news regarding an autistic girl who was barred from a school trip because she was autistic. Reading up on the incident, I learned that what really happened was that one student refused to share a room with the poor girl because of her condition. Apparently, the other […]

On Exclusivity, Discrimination And The Divisive Nature Of Pinoy Culture

“They’re not like you, why do you still hang out with them?” This was a question directed at me by a vendor near the entrance of our school when I was hanging out with the “special needs” students who wanted to talk to me about aliens and UFOs. These “special needs” students were deaf-mutes and, while they could […]

The futility in outrage over Manny Pacquiao’s homophobia

The recent outrage over Manny Pacquiao’s statements about the LGBT community is just a media-covered exercise of something that every Pinoy—educated or otherwise—live with and even practice on a daily basis. Pacquiao simply represents the groupthink of Filipinos. And, unfortunately, Filipinos are among the biggest anti-LGBT group of people in existence. Just take a walk […]

Filipino maids banned from using elevators in Manila’s luxury condos!

The management of an Icon Residences luxury condominium building in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig has been called out for what Filipino netizens allege are “discriminatory” building access policies. A certain Poch Ceballos posted a photo on Facebook of a letter issued by the building management with the following caption: When Filipino maids in HK […]

4 reasons why equality and justice cannot be achieved in the Philippines

With news that dozens of Philippine public servants have been pocketing public funds for years through what is dubbed the pork barrel scam consistently dominating the headlines of major publications around the country since 2013, one wonders why the majority of the Filipino public still haven’t stormed the office of the President or Congress to […]