Why the State should NOT be Pro-poor for the Philippines to Prosper

Did you ever wonder why our government, constitution and laws are so pro-poor? Well, all you have to do is look at a Yellowtard LP rally, and you’ll find many nuns and clergy people holding placards. Catholicism indeed holds a tight grip on the country’s policies and it thrives on a pro-poor philosophy, always siding […]

On Disabilities And The Need For Social Acceptance

Just recently, there’s been quite a reaction to the news regarding an autistic girl who was barred from a school trip because she was autistic. Reading up on the incident, I learned that what really happened was that one student refused to share a room with the poor girl because of her condition.¬†Apparently, the other […]

Do women make bad managers?

I don’t know if anybody’s noticed yet, but it seems most people I know — including women — prefer male bosses. In my own personal space, my worst bosses have mostly always been female. Why do you think that is? For all the talk about women being more “people-friendly” than men and of men supposedly […]