Why Jejomar Binay running for president is a good thing for Philippine ‘democracy’

Here’s a timely reminder to all political “experts” out there. Philippine ‘elections’ are really all about winnability. Specifically, at this time in particular, who’s gonna WIN in the 2016 presidential elections. So far there is only one horse running the race — current Vice President Jejomar Binay. So unless someone steps up to mount a […]

Filipinos need to stop inserting themselves into Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaRevolution

Or any other country’s democracy-oriented drive, for that matter. Admittedly, watching the unfolding of the Hong Kong protests – dubbed the Umbrella Revolution – gets one’s curiosity easily piqued. Given that the protesters have been issued an ultimatum to clear the streets, outside observers are hoping that things don’t end tragically. When the world recalls […]

Kabadingan and kalaswaan in Philippine government

If there is anything that “fashion” show, The Naked Truth, organised by Filipino clothing brand Bench to showcase their underwear line revealed to us, it is that kabadingan (faggotry) and kalaswaan (lasciviousness) is a Filipino condition that seems to transcend fields of endeavour. Way back, I wrote about a similar condition that afflicts the Philippines’ […]

Dedication To Basketball Does Not Translate To Wins

Top 10 Rejected Gilas Fans Cheers. 1. Let’s enamor the foreign press with 0-4 record. 2. If only style points counts towards medal determination 3. Show me a good loser and I will show you… never mind. 4. It’s Not Whether You Win Or Lose As Long As You Keep Saying Puso. 5. We May […]

DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya’s epic MRT public relations fail

Not surprising. Political observers gave Department of Transportation and Communication (DOTC) Secretary Jun Abaya a unanimous Fail in his most recent public relations stunt. Yesterday, the 28th August, Abaya stepped up to a self-imposed challenge to prove Manila’s decrepit Metro Rail Transit was “safe”. The MRT has been beleaguered by recent high-profile mishaps, among them […]

Senator Pia Cayetano: Some proper perspective is due the whole Torre de Manila brouhaha

While I find a bit justified the whole stink being raised around the way the Torre de Manila highrise condominiums being constructed in Manila by developer DMCI Homes is supposedly “ruining” the view of the Rizal Monument, I think we are missing the bigger picture. Metro Manila is an ugly city. And that ugliness did […]

How can Metro Manila ever improve if Filipino politicians do not take public transport?

Metro Manila is a dump. And it is getting worse, not better. The city is being crushed under the weight of its own success as a magnet for domestic migrants looking for jobs the Philippines’ barren hinterlands cannot provide. But why is Metro Manila, the Philippines’ premiere economic and cultural centre, not improving? Not only […]

Why Andray Blathche Being A Proud Pinoy Makes Perfect Sense

Just in time for the June 12 holiday, an NBA player is proud to be pinoy.  NBC Rotoworld called it one of the strangest stories of the off season. If Andray  Blatche is proud to be Filipino, can I be proud to be part of the 1972 Maimi Dolphins?   Blatche was able to play […]