What is it about Leni Lobredo Being Jovial In The Context Of Death?

        “We’re digging up Lyndon Johnson and we’re running him again!”   A strategy not done literally by the Liberal Party but definitely in the spirit of things. Source : TOP TEN SLOGANS FOR THE 1992 DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION from the book An Altogether New Book of Top Ten Lists by David Letterman […]

The Aquinos are traitors: Time to remove their faces from the 500 peso bill

As the call to change the name of our premier international gateway back to “Manila International Airport” gains steam with another high-profile movement, some other steps still await implementation in our mopping-up operations to clear our system of putrid phlegm-colored Yellow-LP crap. The yellow-colored 500 peso bill still needs cleaning up. Congress should pass a […]

Leni Robredo would rather talk to the media than discuss her ideas with Duterte

To be fair to “vice president” Leni Robredo, she’s got a few ideas that are worth looking at, like her suggestion that a rehab programme be set up to support President Rodrigo Duterte’s war on drugs. According to Robredo, this is the “missing” component in Duterte’s campaign to rid the country of the drug scourge… […]

Will Filipinos be able to learn anything from Hidilyn Diaz and the Olympics?

Give credit where it is due. No doubt weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz took whatever training conditions she could get, worked her ass off as hard as possible, and put it all on the line when it counted. The result? She got a silver medal at the Rio Olympic games. To this we say, congratulations! After celebrating, […]

5 Typical Pinoy Political Tricks To Watch Out For

It’s really sad that there’s barely any intellectual debate when it comes to Pinoy politics. Truth be told, in more developed countries, the primary strategy in politics involves promising a good strategy for the improvement of the country as a whole but here in the Philippines, it’s more about entertaining the people and distracting them from […]

A Vote for Mar is a vote for a Dummkopf

  The Philippines does not have a monopoly on electoral dysfunction. In 1991 Edwin W. Edwards became the Governor of Louisiana for the fourth time.  He started his fourth term, four years later than planned because in 1987, he was mired in defending himself against federal racketeering charges. Why the comeback you might ask? His […]

Are Philippine political ads designed with 5-year-olds in mind?

Want proof that lawmakers are indeed breaking the law (or at least its spirit)? Look no further. Just watch TV and I bet you that, in an hour, you’ll catch one or two political advertisements. It does not take a rocket scientist to recognize these for what they are — premature campaigning. You already have […]

5 Things Mar Roxas Has To Learn If He Really Wants To Become A Presidentiable

Okay, truth be told, the more I see Mar Roxas and his desperate attempt to earn the people’s sympathy and favor, the more I want to roll around on the ground laughing. See, I think one of the biggest reasons why he’s not getting anywhere with his vain attempt at convincing the people he can […]