Seven Deadly Sins, Seven Deadly Misinterpretations

Okay guys, I explained in a previous article how a lot of Pinoys get their values wrong. Now, let’s explore the opposite side of morality. Of course, being a predominantly “Christian” country, the idea of the seven deadly sins are shoved down our throats on a regular basis. Unfortunately, more often than not, a lot […]

Over the holiday season, reflect on what you share on Facebook!

Christmas is coming and the holiday season is in the air. No-brainer there. Filipinos know the drill. The banks will be awash with OFW remittances and on the docks will be landed those familiar boxes of loot from “ninongs” and “ninangs” (in the broader sense of both words) overseas. Consider then the safety of all […]

Why we learn to hate rather than ignore in the age of Facebook

A few years ago Samantha, a new intern, joined our company. The first time I saw her she was walking down the main aisle between our row of cubicles accompanied by my boss and one of our legal guys on her way to a meeting with a couple of Canadian account executives from one of […]