TNVS infestation: Uber and Grab services are no different to jeepneys and tricycles

The only relevant point that needs to be highlighted as far as the circus surrounding Transport Network Vehicle Services (TNVS) like Uber and Grab is this: The only Filipinos who could really afford these services on routine bases are people who, themselves, could afford to own and drive private cars. A trip in an Uber […]

Can Chinese Filipinos Make the Philippines Great Again?

A mid-aged Japanese guy told me that when he was young, many products sold in his country back then were “Made in the Philippines.” Well, things have obviously changed. From being on the tipping point of becoming the next rising tiger cub of Asia ready to pounce and join the club of Singapore, Taiwan, and […]

Are Philippine Internet service providers (ISPs) ready for Netflix?

Netflix is coming and Filipinos are excited! The plans to be offered by Netflix in the Philippines allow subscribers to stream up to ultra high definition videos into their media devices. The following excerpt from a CNN Philippines report details these plans… Users can choose from three price options: P370 for basic services, P460 for […]

The Filipino Thirst for Foreign Blood

Like some traumatic childhood memory that couldn’t be shaken off, colonial mentality still remains deeply lodged within the Filipino psyche despite decades of independence from his tall light-skinned masters. There’s no denying it: the Filipino’s awe over anything foreign still lies ingrained within his/her genes. Digging deeper, is there really a valid ground for this […]

Stop The Networking Scam!

Multi-level Marketing (MLM), network marketing, pyramid marketing, or commonly known in the Philippines as simply “networking” is a marketing strategy in which the involved personnel act as distributors of the product and are in some way forced to consume it. It’s a revolutionary and inexpensive way of selling products of companies which saves them the […]

The Philippines CAN become southeast Asia’s Silicon Valley!

Silicon Valley — the real one in California, that is — is hot, and it may be overheating the San Francisco Bay Area. Property prices are soaring as the Valley’s seemingly insatiable appetite for tech talent is drawing in the best and the brightest. But the downside to all this is that the techo scene […]

Philippines to remain ‘paper’ tech tiger until local tech solutions applied

The Philippines has “all the ingredients of an emerging tech tiger” — on paper, that is. Despite an enormous population “addicted to social media” and low labour costs, the “patchy at best” mobile internet coverage and “atrocious” internet speeds — a “measly 3.6 megabits per second (Mbps), well below the regional average of 12.4 Mbps” […]

It’s time Filipinos start recognizing the true builders of their country

With political airspace in the Philippines currently congested by allegations, accusations, and speculations of thievery flying back and forth between political cliques, factions, and camps, one couldn’t be blamed for losing any remaining semblance of faith in the old idealistic notion that a stint in government office grants one a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to “make a […]