Why the CBCP is not a credible judge of who or what is “fake” or authentic

It is quite rich that the venerable Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) would so pompously issue a list of Websites Carrying False or Unverified Contents [sic]. This is coming from a clique of renowned Filipino “thought leaders” who endorse medieval ideas like creationism and, as a matter of policy, apply only circular logic […]

CBCP’s “Walk of Life” stunt illustrates just how primtive a society the Philippines remains

As expected, the Inquirer Editor stepped up as chief cheerleader in the recent “spate” of street activity, specifically the so-called “Walk of Life” organised by, who else, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). Crowing about the 20,000-strong “crowd” that gathered in Luneta to sing hymns and wax prayerful over the situation of the […]

Why Filipino politicians routinely get away with incompetence and criminality

There are no consequences — not for the Philippines’ most popular celebrity, boxing champion Manny Pacquiao who is also a House representative in Congress. Despite holding the dubious distinction of being the top no-show in House sessions held in 2014, he remains a Filipino favourite. It may be just as well that Pacquiao has been […]

Why Atheism Won’t Succeed in the Philippines

I used to embrace atheism and I used to be active in the Philippine atheist forum and community. However, during the past few years I find myself being drawn away from atheism. Did someone “save” my wretched soul and showed me the path to eternal life and salvation? No! I still believe that there is […]