Zoned Out On SONA 2013: Four Things I Might’ve Missed Hearing

To say that nothing positive ever happened during the Aquino administration would be unfair both to the administration and even more so the Filipino citizen who has resiliently, despite odds continue to press forward towards personal and national progress. With this I’d like to congratulate the tax paying and remitting citizens, who by the sweat […]

Drilling in Recto Bank gas field possibly set back by Trillanes adventurism

When it comes to China, money is the primary currency of any kind of negotiation. And in light of the big tiff between Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and “Senator” Antonio Trillanes IV, the cast of characters is a lot bigger and includes one of the Philipines’s biggest mining companies, Philex Mining Corporation, and its […]

Is President Noynoy Aquino to blame for the diplomatic and military row with China?

How did the Philippines manage to enter into a diplomatic row with China? Well aside from China’s insatiable need to find alternate sources of energy, part of the reason why China seems very aggressive in laying claim over the disputed Spratly group of islands and the Scarborough Shoal apparently has a lot to do with […]

Price Hikes Versus Wage Hikes?

Amidst the political turmoil that continually pervades our country, a strong and passionate plea reverberates among the mouths of the marginalized. Amidst the slums of the Philippines echoes the unswerving determination of the less-fortunate to assert what they want from the government, as shown by the series of protests conducted by advocacy groups across the […]

Is garbage really a problem or an opportunity?

Garbage has become a huge social and environmental problem to almost all the people in the modern world. Every day, millions of tons of garbage is stockpiled throughout the world, and strategies for its utilization had been laid down, in the sense according to economic principles of how to make profit with as small expenditure […]

PNoy should have addressed Mindanao power crisis as soon as elected

It’s getting harder and harder for President Noynoy Aquino to blame the previous government for the problems besetting the country today. One such problem is the ongoing energy crisis gripping Mindanao. Yes, the problem already existed even before he was elected but he has done nothing to address the situation. His obsession with the persecution […]

Earth Hour 2012: the scam continues…

How many times in history have we embraced new technologies and the sales pitches that came along with them only to discover completely unexpected consequences that came (to be fair, along with the leaps in efficiency and seismic shifts in socio-economic paradigms) with them? Computers have not created the “paperless” office, nor eliminated time-wasting meetings […]

The illusion of progress in the Philippines

Filipinos choose to measure progress from a Western perspective (mainly financial wealth and capital-intensive development). Thus a “successful” Filipino individual as measured by contemporary Filipino society fits the standard Hollywood mold — big house, party lifestyle, trendy clothes, shiny car, and flashy mobile devices. The trouble with Philippine society is that we embrace the superficial […]