Why Does Everything Need to be Personal?

I think that asides from over-emotionalism and over-romanticism, I think that one of the greatest attitude issues that Pinoys have is their tendency to take everything personally. Yes, that’s right, majority of Pinoys are simply too caught up in their own personal issues to be able to differentiate what is essential and what is not. […]

Facing Society’s Demons: The Many Evils in Our Country

To be truly honest, I’m not really big on organized religion. I have doubts that any one person or group of persons can represent a Being that created the Universe and is thought to be even greater than the Cosmos They created. I believe that religion should be a personal pursuit and that it should […]

The #Philippines has become Kaboboan Central under the no-results presidency of Noynoy Aquino

And so now Filipinos are calling for the ouster of President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino. Well, some say it’s 5 years too late. But, you know, a year is still a lot of time to spread his trademark BS all over the Philippines. And buti sana if it’s just the same ha-ha BS. The massacre […]

It is time Filipinos learn to understand what it means to be truly MINDFUL

Your stuck with it so you might as well defend it. That’s the sort of loser attitude that’s at work in a lot of the apologism we see nowadays. I’m fat. Deal with it. I’m poor. Deal with it. I’m a Catholic. Deal with it. I can’t speak English. Deal with it. I voted for […]

Is Over-Romanticism A Problem?

As a commenter previously mentioned, the unprecedented success of the show Mari-Mar prompted the rise of modern teleseryes. Ever since then, local TV had never been the same again. Now, all you really see on local channels are shows of similar nature or at least contains elements thereof. While I have never developed a liking […]

Why Your Critics Can Sometimes Be Your Best Friend

They say that the truth hurts. Well, as a writer for more than a decade, I can attest to that. Yes, when people call you out on your mistakes, it can really wipe off that smile on your face. When people tell you about the moments you screwed up can really ruin your day. But then […]