Filipinos Being “Emotion Junkies” Keeps Filipino Society Backward

One of the weirdest things from Filipinos is their transfixation on emotion, as I mentioned in my article about the raucous pursuit of highs. I remember when eating at a fast-food restaurant one time, I saw students doing a school project. One girl held up a paper-plate clock she made, and said “ang lungkot tingnan […]

United in outrage: Would I participate in a boycott of United Airlines?

Granted that the sight of a passenger being forcefully dragged out of an overbooked airplane is quite upsetting, I don’t think it would matter enough to most people — at least not enough for them to make it a major factor in a decision around which flight to take somewhere. As Fortune points out, the […]

Philippine Elections 2016 is not a vote for Duterte but a vote AGAINST Aquino

Indeed, everybody is shocked — just shocked! — by where this year’s presidential elections are headed. Rodrigo Duterte the crass, irreverent, and possibly murderous candidate who came out of left field from the Philippines’ deep south is leading the polls, handily beating the elegant Grace Poe, the debonaire Jejomar Binay, the prayerful Mar Roxas, and […]

How Filipinos can stop being Martial Law ‘victims’

There is a saying: Success is the best revenge. When someone wrongs you, you could either choose to be a victim or go on to be successful. Not the Philippines. It seems the Philippines chooses to remain a victim of “the Martial Law regime” of the late former President Ferdinand Marcos. Indeed, the theme of […]

The Problem With Pinoy Rom Coms

Well here we are again with the MMFF. Instead of enjoying the seventh (or fourth if you ask the hardcore loyalists of the original trilogy) installment of the Star Wars film franchise, here I am writing another rant because few of the films in my local cinema are even worth a second glace. Okay, I might give Honor Thy Father a chance […]

Demanding Change Without Changing Oneself Won’t Change Anything

First, let’s begin with a story from my 4th grade teacher… There was this kid who saw how bad and ugly the world was and prayed: “Lord, please change the world so that everyone can be happy!” Unfortunately, nothing happened. When the kid became a teen, he saw how terrible the state of his country was so he […]

Stop judging people who cry for Paris!

When Kim Kardashian breaks a fingernail, the world gasps. Meanwhile, hundreds of young girls could be kidnapped and raped in places like Nigeria and Bangladesh. There’d be a token burst of indignation across social media and, perhaps if these girls are lucky, a mention on a big mainstream media new outlet. Beyond that, it is […]

Why the #NeverAgain slogan reflects Filipinos’ total failure of imagination

The onus on building a clear vision of what lies ahead for the Philippines during the euphoric months following the 1986 “People Power” EDSA “revolution” was on the victors. What did we get instead? Nothing more than a vacuous excuse of a roadmap to prosperity. The Yellow emotionalist rhetoric that dominated the national political “debate” […]