Filipinos Being “Emotion Junkies” Keeps Filipino Society Backward

One of the weirdest things from Filipinos is their transfixation on emotion, as I mentioned in my article about the raucous pursuit of highs. I remember when eating at a fast-food restaurant one time, I saw students doing a school project. One girl held up a paper-plate clock she made, and said “ang lungkot tingnan […]

Grow Up Philippines

We’ve all read about how anti-intellectual Philippine society is and how Filipinos are often too emotional for their own good. Yes, I even wrote an article about how my idea of Hell fits in with the Filipino mindset. But now comes an important question for all Filipinos: Is it so difficult to be professional? Is […]

Common, irritating ways Filipinos react to criticism

It is no secret that Filipinos are collectively extremely sensitive to criticism. In fact, a term exists in the vernacular to describe just how bad Filipinos are at taking it: balat-sibuyas, literally, onion-skinned. The explanation is that, just as onion skin peels rather easily, the Filipino “skin” easily gets hurt. Fact is, there is a […]