3 Big Reasons Former President Ferdinand Marcos Should Be Buried Among Heroes

There’s been a lot of talk since soon-to-be president Mayor Rodrigo Duterte announced that he would finally allow former president Ferdinand Marcos to be buried among heroes. Indeed, hardcore Marcos supporters see this as a chance to vindicate their dear leader in the annals of history and show that there was indeed some good that […]

And the prostitution just goes on and on…

The futility of demanding an apology and justice mounted, as soon as a fall guy was thrown in the Mamasapano “mis-encounter” script during the February 2015¬†Senate hearing. I was given no other choice but to take consolation in History,¬† that History will eventually testify unkindly to those who hide the truth, much like how Aguinaldo […]

Is June 12, 1898 REALLY the Philippines’ Independence Day?

It’s 2014 and as of this writing, guess what: tomorrow is “Independence Day”. Again. According to the latest Philippine History books, the 12th June is the day the Philippines became “independent” — the outcome of the Philippine Revolution which began August 1896. On the 12th June 1898, Aguinaldo led the declaration of Philippine independence from […]

Philippines: Stuck in reverse since Independence Day

A lot of Filipinos want to copy everything about the United States of America. From the form of government down to the style of music, Filipinos look to Uncle Sam for direction. For as long as everyone can remember, Filipinos have always viewed the home of our former colonizers as the land of milk and […]

Philippine ‘Independence’ Day on June 12: a desperate claim to a false achievement

Guess what’s coming up: “Independence” Day. More precisely, it is the could-have-been day of independence unilaterally declared by General Emilio Aguinaldo back on the 12th of June 1898 that we are celebrating this coming 12th of June. Many who see that day as a day that defines “Filipino nationalism” are right. We are a nation […]