Traditional media: the single biggest roadblock to efforts to ‘educate’ Filipino voters

What is really the crux of any effort to ‘educate’ Filipino voters? To design a solution you need to clearly define the problem. And for us to clearly define a problem, we need to understand its true nature by taking stock of the situation that surrounds it. Much of the initiatives that aim to “educate” […]

Team PNoy campaign and poll statistical extravaganza splashed all over Yellow media!

Thanks to the heightened intensity with which “social news network” Rappler is covering the ‘Team PNoy’ campaign in the Philippine hinterlands, we are getting a fair idea of how far the quality of Da Pinoy Vote has progressed in the last 27 years. Aside from joining the administration ticket on their campaign trail in northern […]

President Noynoy Aquino shows he is at his best when campaigning and not when working

Philippine President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III is reportedly the subject of a complaint filed by officials of Anakpawis party-list to Commissions on Elections (COMELEC) Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. BS Aquino is being accused of blatantly using bribes to buy votes for his “Team PNoy” for the coming mid-term elections in May 2013. Apparently, the […]

Activists should focus on the substance rather than on the expense of election campaigns

Many ‘activists’ who are focusing on how much money is spent by election candidates and where and when their colourful messages are being flashed miss the whole point of elections. Elections are a necessarily messy occasion. Messiness is a good symptom of a healthy number of options presented to “the people” — those folk that […]

Are the noisiest advocates of social ‘change’ doing more harm than good?

There is an adage modern doctors live by that encapsulates what their real role is in the holistic process of healing — Do no harm first. The human body is a wondrous but complex system. We never quite known what is going on in the way its billions of component parts interact. Yet many modern […]

Are we over-governing political campaign activities?

In recent days we’ve been seeing a few new “movements” and “advocacies” emerging (or being repackaged) as dominant topics amongst the chattering classes. Many of these involve one or another form of implementing some sort of “governance” around the way the Philippines’ wondrous cacophony of activity and voices that is its “democracy” work their way […]

Carlos Celdran may indeed be a bad influence on the Filipino

Maybe it is true — that Carlos Celdran is a bad influence on the Filipino. After all, hasn’t one of the biggest issues with us Filipinos always been about our lack of ability to think things through properly and act consistently upon said thinking within some sort of rules-based framework — such as the Law? […]