Erap Estrada: A Crude Attempt at Revisionist History

Just because he’s managed to fool a bunch of idiots to vote for him again, he thinks he can twist, twirl and convolute history as he pleases. The nerve. He has the gall to compare himself to Nelson Mandela, Anwar Ibrahim, Aung San Suu Kyi and Ninoy Aquino. Visit: Erap Takes Oath… “This is another […]

Now that Senator Enrile has resigned, should the ‘Christmas bonus’ controversy die?

After months of speculating on a supposed “plot” to oust him, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile has finally resigned as Senate President. We can only hope that the drama in the senate halls will go along with his resignation or at least simmer down a little bit. As Senator Antonio Trillanes correctly pointed out, Senator Enrile […]

The Impractical Elitism of an Incorrect Perspective on Reform

This article is substantially based on an article I originally wrote in November, 2010 entitled “Applying the Right Fix: Charter Change and the Philippine Condition.” While the essential points made in the original article are still valid today, the Philippines is not exactly the same country it was two-and-a-half years ago, for better or worse; […]

Pinoy Pride Is Never There Where It Really Counts Elections 2013

May 13 2013. I want you all to forever remember that date whenever you get the temptation to beat your chest like King Kong over whatever superficiality captures your nationalistic imagination until the end of time. One reason why 2013 may be an improvement over 2012 is a year ago the nation was “captivated ” […]

Dear Philippines: Hope is not a strategy

Hope springs eternal indeed as that other cliché goes. But then, we might ask: Hope in what exactly? Now that the Philippine Fiesta Elections of 2013 have come and gone, the hard questions must be asked, the vacuous campaign rhetoric ditched, and the motherhood statements junked. Perhaps the usual halfwits will continue to squabble and […]

Taiwan and Philippine strained relationship is partly the result of electing incompetent public servants

The race for the highest position in the land just got tougher with popular surnames Poe, Binay and Aquino all winning Senate seats and all said to be vying for a push to the Presidency in 2016. Yes, the election is just a popularity contest particularly in the Philippines where most voters don’t even ask […]

Kudos to the COMELEC for a job well done in the 2013 Philippine midterm elections!

I beg to differ to some of the hysterics I’m seeing and hearing. I think the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) did a great job within the scope of its ability to influence outcomes. That last phrase is key. You can’t really worry about things that are clearly beyond the scope of your control once you’ve […]

Four appalling bits of election ‘wisdom’ that really need to go away

Elections come and go every three (3) years in the Philippines. In fact, the mid-term elections have just concluded, where the Filipinos vote for twelve senators and local government officials. Philippine national elections just happen to be the biggest fiesta nationwide, and this recent one was no exception. As of this writing, with more than […]