Is Philippine Standard Time truly the solution to Filipino Time?

Is it supposed to be surprising that apart from a few reports on both GMA, ABS-CBN, and the Philippine Daily Inquirer, there isn’t much discussion going around about the newly signed Republic Act (RA) 10535? RA 10535 is described as, “an act to set the Philippine Standard Time (PST) in all official sources throughout the […]

Love Exciting and New

    ” Love Exciting and New/ Come Aboard / We’re Expecting you and Love’ Life’s Sweetest Reward, we’re a friendly smile on a friendly shore.” Theme from the Love Boat sung by Jack Jones.   No,  I am not doing a Kate Natividad style story. The title is in reference to a 70s hit […]

Why there is no Tagalog word for ‘efficiency’

Lots of people seem to have, at best, a rather shallow understanding of what I mean when I keep harping about the lack of a concept of “efficiency” in the Tagalog dialect. My simple explanation is that the lack of a concept of efficiency native to (or long embedded in) Tagalog reflects the inherent intellectual […]

Without operational excellence, capital is squandered

The grand-daddy of our culture-as-root-cause thesis, the late great Teddy Benigno, in his classic 2002 Star article Why investors avoid us: The trust factor highlighted what, at the time, was a very conservative forecast regarding China’s fortunes made in a Nomura Research Institute (NRI) study that foresaw a China that could “burgeon into the world’s […]

Tagalog vs English? Take the 30-word challenge!

I’ve always made the assertion that proficiency in the English language is the Filipino’s ticket to success. Being a good English speaker is the key to upward social mobility in Philippine society where a persistent and deeply-ingrained colonial-mentality continues to imprison the Filipino mind. More importantly, the vast majority of information and knowledge critical to […]