Word Power (Not People Power) is the Cure to Filipino Dysfunction

Language is one of the most basic elements that define a culture or nation. For many countries, it is the unifying factor of their people and the key distinctive that sets them apart from other societies around them. Much has been discussed and even debated on the Philippine’s pursuit and cultivation of a national language. […]

Filipinos need to get off the loser path and onto the road to real progress

How did the Philippines get to where it is now? It is a wretched society, unable to defend itself from foreign and natural threats, paralysed by its own enormous population, and staring at a future hobbled by a lack of the infrastructure to get it down the right road. Yet the country, over much of […]

Mass national disruption as APEC Manila 2015 circus comes to town!

Everything is such a huge drama in the Philippines. The coming Asia Pacific Economic Conference (APEC) is no exception. It promises to effect immense disruption across a vast swath of Philippine society — which makes the very hosting of this forum by the Philippine government quite ironic. Economies rise and fall on the back of […]

Filipino Misconceptions of Sacrifice

It’s timely that Benign0 had come out with an article that discusses the twisting of the concept of sacrifice by Filipino culture. Indeed, it is twisted when one says they have made a “sacrifice,” when it is actually anything but that. I remember a commenter named Palebluedot once said: “I still blame the Catholic Church […]

Superficiality vs. Substance: From The Eyes Of Singaporeans

Let me tell you a conversation I once had with my Singaporean friends. After all, we all like to believe that the Philippines can one day become as prosperous as Singapore. Both Ilda and Benign0 have already said their pieces about Singapore, so this is mine, or rather, what my Singaporean friends have to say. […]

The Need To Shift Towards A Better Agriculture Sector In The Philippines: There Is No Time Like The Present

There shouldn’t be MORE farmers; there should be BETTER farmers. In a production function (in which agriculture is a good illustration), output can only go so high upon a certain increase in labor and capital (yes, even capital accumulation won’t cut it). After some point of increase in labor and/or capital, further increase would no […]

Why I Think Filipinos are Immature

So, it has come to this. Sadly, while I am pleased to know that more and more people are waking up intellectually because of the Aquino administration’s repetitive mishaps, a lot more remain delusional regarding the true state of the country. To this day, I still meet a lot of people who are in vehement […]

The #Philippines is a nation of starstruck ignoramuses

[The following is an article by Star columnist Don Pedero published in The Philippine Star 29 October 2000 and also featured in Get Real Philippines on the same year.] * * * Last July 23, I wrote about Nasty (short for Anastacio), a balikbayan from Los Angeles, who, while vacationing in Manila, had nothing to […]