Population control? Education? Infrastructure? Let us get our priorities straight!

My previous article regarding the potential high cost of free college education has elicited interesting reactions from readers. Some readers have argued that free college, much like free contraceptives, is a good investment by the government that would lead to economic improvement in the Philippines. In support of the argument, some have blamed the high […]

Did Butch Abad just out an Aquino SC justice for perjury?

In the aftermath of the announcement of the unexpectedly disappointing third-quarter GDP figures earlier this week, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad offered a rather strange explanation for part of it, the 2.9 percent retraction of government spending during the quarter: “…the decrease was largely caused by the low utilization of notice of cash allotments (NCAs) […]

Why you should be worried about 2015

Already wrestling with the public relations fallout of the latest poverty statistics, the Aquino administration apparently was too busy last week to notice the press release from the Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) announcing the results of a study that raises serious concerns about the preparedness of the Philippines’ small- and medium-enterprise (SME) sector […]

Non Sequiturs are poor policy, and even worse credit references

If there is one thing that has been thoroughly regrettable about the apparent economic progress of the Philippines in the Aquino 2.0 era, it is that it has led the Administration to believe that what it is doing is actually working. Perhaps we should not judge them too harshly for that – after all, far […]

What sequestration means for the Philippines

At the very end of 2012, the US media and public was gripped with near-panic over what was then called the “fiscal cliff,” a combination of tax increases and a programmed series of government spending cuts that was to automatically take effect on January 1 of this year. Just as the deadline passed, the US […]

The Minimum Wage Puzzle

Although the topic has not appeared on the media radar for a couple months, the always-contentious issue of the minimum wage will again be front-page news in 2013, if everything goes according to the Aquino Administration’s plans. By the end of this year, the government has a goal to replace the current minimum wage regulations […]

Occupy the sidewalk

Sidewalk vendors have always been a site to behold in the panorama of Philippine society. Although we cannot claim that this phenomenon is endemic or indigenous to Filipino culture and society, the persona of the sidewalk vendor is omnipresent within and in the very fabric of Filipino society. We see these sidewalk vendors along the […]

Is Meralco’s Rate Hike a Political Gambit?

If you haven’t heard, Meralco was granted a significant increase in its distribution rate by the Energy Regulatory Commission this past week, one that will add between P 1.20 and P 2.48 per kilowatt-hour to customer bills and officially make their electric rates the highest in the world beginning next month. This follows an increase […]