The Impractical Elitism of an Incorrect Perspective on Reform

This article is substantially based on an article I originally wrote in November, 2010 entitled “Applying the Right Fix: Charter Change and the Philippine Condition.” While the essential points made in the original article are still valid today, the Philippines is not exactly the same country it was two-and-a-half years ago, for better or worse; […]

Five Reasons to be Optimistic About the Philippines

The most successful investors are those that invest when everybody else is bailing out. I have heard so many bad things about Pinas, and after having lived there for two years I can now understand how bad things really are. Nevertheless, I continue to invest not only money but time and effort as well to […]

Reflecting on the Constitutional Reform Movement

It seems I started a bit of a firestorm with a recent article among the advocates of constitutional reform, whom I did not actually identify as the CoRRECT movement — because to be quite honest, I’m not at all certain they are necessarily the only reform advocates in the country — but who were quick […]

The Philippines is one big SQUANDERED foreign investment

So we want more foreign investment, do we? Stop to think. How much of it have we already received? Look around and take stock of what exactly it is about “the Philippines” that is of any consequence to anyone that is indigenous in origin. Indeed, the Philippines is one big foreign investment. Much if not […]