Filipino penitents crucified for real in observance of the Easter ‘Holy Week’ in the Philippines

Wasn’t Saint Peter crucified head down because (as tradition tells us) he did not feel worthy to die like his Lord Jesus Christ? Apparently some don’t subscribe to that belief. Keeping to a renowned tradition of subjecting themselves to extreme self-flagellation, Filipino penitents have themselves crucified — for real — in Mining, Pampanga, Philippines. The […]

Spiritual guidance from Hollywood fare this Holy Week

Holy week does not have to be an excrutiating week spent on mind-dulling Catholic ritual and mindless beach partying. There is lots of home entertainment available that can contribute to enriching one’s spiritual framework far more efficiently and profoundly than the traditional listening to a bunch of men in robes or gyrating to loud throbbing […]

How the Roman Catholic Church devalued Jesus Christ

The Lenten season is upon us, and it is time to reflect on the deep fundamentals that define our aspirations to be “good” Christians. Part of those fundamentals are principles ingrained in us since youth by an institution that presumes to speak on behalf of God and provide “moral leadership” to his “flock”. But there […]

The ultimate Easter reflection question: Why would the ‘Son of God’ die for us?

In many articles all over the part of the Net I am most familiar with, there are many calls to reflect on the real “meaning” of Easter season — that is, presumably, the Catholic meaning of Easter which revolves around the “sacrifice” of Jesus Christ to redeem our sad lot of Adam’s sin. At the […]