Manny Pacquiao In The Senate: Proof That Pinoys Are Idiots

I never thought I’d be writing this to be honest. In truth, I really believed for just a moment that there may be hope for the Filipino people. That perhaps, on some level, there was enough of God’s wisdom that existed within their hearts for them to think critically and make the right choice. That […]

We Should ‘Move On’ From The Supposed ‘Legacy’ Of The Aquino Family

The Aquino family and, by extension, the LP have always been adamant about how the Aquinos changed the country for the better. However, once one looks past all the propaganda and media support, one will be forced to question the veracity of their claims. Truth be told, over the years, we are spoonfed with silly […]

Battle of The Filipino Clans

New Year is just around the corner. To most this could be a new hope, new dreams & a new beginning. For the Philippines, 2016 marks the year to vote for a new leader who they see fit to run the country. Will 2016 be the year Philippines can finally break free from it’s corrupt […]

5 Typical Pinoy Political Tricks To Watch Out For

It’s really sad that there’s barely any intellectual debate when it comes to Pinoy politics. Truth be told, in more developed countries, the primary strategy in politics involves promising a good strategy for the improvement of the country as a whole but here in the Philippines, it’s more about entertaining the people and distracting them from […]

Why the Current Philippine Republic Needs to Die

When President Corazon Aquino established the Fifth Philippine Republic in 1987, she set forth a new constitution that in theory would eliminate the “excesses” of previous administrations. Foremost among these was the “Martial Law” clause that, in the event that a seated President would declare it, would allow it to pass through Congress first; Post-Marcos, this was […]

The next President of the Philippines should respect the Rule of Law for the country to progress

The Philippines’ current list of “potential” candidates is very disappointing. Most of them are from the same crop of bozos from the country’s current ruling class. Their membership to this “elite” club means they are first loyal to their families and friends before they are loyal to the country and its people in general. Therefore, […]

The illusion of democracy in the Philippines masks the charade of feuding dynasties

They are fools and take us for the fools. It is US or THEM.  More like them versus us, really.  Outside that and between that is the truth.  But, truth does not matter. They prefer their truths, even if it is farthest from any truth, because they rule with their laws and dynasties.  We gave […]

Why ‘considerate’ is not a word that describes Filipinos

Considerate. When was the last time you heard that word used to describe a Filipino? When it comes to the common courtesy of being considerate to the people around you, Filipinos will likely be the last thing on people’s minds. Why? Because the average Filipino quite simply does not care about anyone or anything outside […]