Being a Pot-Tard won’t Save the Philippines

It seems a lot of pot-tards were stirred up by fellow blogger Ilda’s article about Cecilia Lero and Rappler’s seeming promotion of illegal drugs. The pot-tards came in with all these arguments about pot benefits, studies of this and that, how other countries treat it, and more. All of which miss the point; pot is […]

People Should Stop Craving for “Highs”

Since drugs remain a prominent topic in the Duterte administration, let’s have a related concept as a topic of discussion: highs. Not just drug highs. Any kind of high. The rush from dopamine and other brain chemicals giving you that pleasurable or euphoric feeling that you wished lasted forever. Trying to satisfy that craving. The […]

Tough love will work better for Filipinos in the War on Drugs

In my last article, I presented an argument against the folly of subscribing to a silver bullet idea that promises to wipe out our country’s drug problem. There have been ideas floated that either or both decriminalization and legalization will solve the drug menace since these have been shown to work in featured western countries […]

Leila’s Dilemma: To Lie or To Hide

Bilibid or not! The national penitentiary (the “New” Bilibid Prison) at the heart of Imperial Manila, the supposedly most secure (i.e., MAXIMUM security) facility on the face of the republic for incarcerating the worst criminals in this corner of the planet and thereby ensuring the public these scumbags CAN NEVER EVER cause any more trouble in Philippine […]

Inquirer…the rise of tabloid journalism

Dear Inquirer, The title of your article, “Leni slams growing culture of vigilantism”, published on July 13, 2016, in your newspaper caught my attention.  I was aghast after reading it.1 YOUR TITLE IS GROSSLY EXAGGERATED.  You used the words, “Leni SLAMS growing culture of violence”.  What a word to use, slam means to criticize harshly […]

Junkies and Pinoys: Why They Aren’t All That Different

While a lot of our critics like to claim that we here at GRP are “negative”, I need to question them about their own perception and just what being “negative” actually means to them. As of late, we have been getting more than the regular comments and arguments against the way we like to criticize the […]

Drug (Mules) Are Bad Mkay

  “Yeah, right. Selling dope always beats working.”   Tex in Midnight Express     I first encountered Midnight Express not by watching it on the big or small  screen but by the music. The eight minute instrumental “Chase” by Giorgio Moroder (Donna Summer’s producer) was a minor hit but had my admiration. I bought […]

Have some crack news this Christmas!

In the midst of Manny Pacquiao’s surprise defeat at the hands of Juan Manuel Marquez, and overrated pop-star Justin Bieber’s persecution from aggravated Filipinos for making fun of The People’s Champ’s loss, which by the way actually warranted a suggestion from a certain lawmaker to have him banned from holding concerts in this wretched country, […]