Duterte’s critics should get an award for being inconsistent

The Philippine Opposition, which consist mainly of the Liberal Party, its supporters, and allies, deserve an award. They deserve an award for trying. They are trying hard to paint a picture that the country is all “doom and gloom” under President Rodrigo Duterte. They are also trying hard to paint themselves as “victims” of oppression. […]

Is Philippine House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez saying extra-marital affairs are “normal”?

Current Speaker of the Philippine House of Representative Pantaleón Álvarez recently came under fire after his extramarital affair was exposed. To be precise, he copped some flak from some sectors of society, but not all. Apparently, it was an “open-secret” in Congress that Alvarez has a girlfriend, but for some “reason”, presumably because he is […]

Mar Roxas will not allow divorce and does not favour same sex marriage

Liberal Party candidate Mar Roxas is certainly in the habit of making not only unfounded statements, but incomplete ones. On his televised interview with veteran journalist Mel Tiangco, Roxas bared his opposition to legalising divorce and same-sex marriage. Although he quoted some cliché platitude about the family being the foundation of society to substantiate his […]

A Deadly Cocktail of Religion and Politics in the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of people who would describe themselves as “God fearing”; where their lives revolve around entrusting everything to God. 80% of the population consists of Roman Catholics. This is also a nation where the phrase “malling” exists as a hobby since Filipinos just love to spend their spare time hanging out in […]

‘A Second Chance’ is a pointless concept in a nation where divorce is illegal

Do Filipino married couples deserve “A Second Chance”? According to Philippine law, it’s a pointless question — because divorce is illegal in the Philippines. What then are Filipino couples’ options? Nothing, actually. Filipinos must make their marriages work come hell or high water — because marriage failure is not an option under Philippine law. If […]

Perhaps it is time the Philippines balkanize

We have long held on to the notion that the Philippines is actually a nation in the modern sense. On the surface, it does seem that way. If one looks hard and deeply enough, however, one can see the Philippines for what it truly is: a patchwork, broken glass, glued together puzzle made up of […]

Is same-sex marriage a more important issue than divorce??

I often wonder about the twisted priorities of Philippine society. I read just now how Quezon City Mayor Herbert “Bistek” Bautista is reportedly mulling the allowing of same-sex marriage in his city. Ok, so how is it that something like that takes precedence over — and garners a lot more media mileage than — a […]

Time to implement a decent Divorce Law and junk the moronism of ‘annulment’

Kris Aquino is not just another screeching Filipino showbiz personality. She is the sister of the President of the Philippines. Her marital woes with basketball player James Yap back in 2010 couldn’t have been good for the spin machinery of her brother President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III — a man who owes much of his […]