What discipline?

Discipline has been on a downhill trend since the evil dictator left, we all know that for a fact. Much to the approval of older people like me, Rody is elected as someone who might be able to bring back self discipline and consequently, respect to our country. All well and good. Well….nope. You see […]

Tough love will work better for Filipinos in the War on Drugs

In my last article, I presented an argument against the folly of subscribing to a silver bullet idea that promises to wipe out our country’s drug problem. There have been ideas floated that either or both decriminalization and legalization will solve the drug menace since these have been shown to work in featured western countries […]

On The ‘Palamunin’ (Moocher) Attitude Of Pinoys

“I reckon that if you don’t learn to feed yourself and rely only on others to spoonfeed you, some people will start feeding you crap and you’d be none the wiser!” ~Grimwald’s Gandmother 25 years ago Hi everyone, I’m Thaddeus Morvacle Grimwald and I was once a spoiled brat. There, I admitted it. See, almost thirty […]

Nation of Laws? Hardly. COMELEC breaks its own rules by allowing LP to submit late SOCE!

The next time you well up with outrage at the sight of a Filipino pissing on a public sidewalk, think of this day, the 16th of June 2016. The Philippines after all is not and never has been a nation of laws. This was proven yet again today when the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) en […]

Why Do Pinoys Hate Discipline So Much?

Before I begin, I’d like to share a few of my experiences… Mardi Gras It was Mardi Gras in Olongapo and I was standing in line with some of my friends at the entrance. It was getting kinda late and I was getting sleepy. Unfortunately, I’m not really big on city-wide parties and I usually tag […]

So What’s Wrong With A Little “Martial Law”?

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, just a few more weeks before election day. In my neighborhood alone, just about everyone from 8 to 80 are discussing the upcoming election and who has the best chance of actually winning it. While I’ve always been the skeptical type, especially when it comes to the future […]

Five more appalling bits of election “wisdom” that need to go away

National elections are around the corner here in the Philippines, again. The difference between this year and the elections in 2013 is that this time, aside from voting for 12 senators and local government officials, Filipinos will also be choosing a new president and vice-president. In the previous national elections six years ago, there were […]

Breaking Free from Poverty: A Politician-Independent Approach

If you had the liberty to choose which country or race you would be born into, would you choose the Philippines? I’d figure most Filipinos would readily dish out the name of a first-world country like Germany, Japan, Korea, or the United States, nations that have something to be intrinsically proud of, in stark contrast […]