What Filipinos need to learn from Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaRevolution

A lot of Filipinos have been following closely the massive pro-democracy protests that have rocked Hong Kong in recent days. After Beijing announced that it will be vetting candidates for the coming 2017 election there, Hong Kong residents have taken to the streets by the hundreds of thousands, virtually paralysing the prosperous former British colony […]

Noynoy Aquino needs to be reminded: ‘Never again’

“Never again.” It is a call to remind Filipinos that the “horrors” of the Martial Law years of the 1970s should never happen again; that we should be vigilant and always say “No” to dictators, another Martial Law, and, of course, another Marcos in power. The times, however, have all but made that slogan a […]

PNoy wants to amend Cory Constitution to punish Supreme Court for ruling against DAP

After years of saying no, Philippine President Benigno Simeon (BS) Aquino has finally admitted yes, he is for the amendment of the 1987 “Cory” Constitution. That’s bad news for a lot of people particularly his supporters who insisted that “it is not the President himself who wants to extend his term; it is the people […]

#NeverAgain? Was former Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos really that awful a leader?

The whole brouhaha surrounding the stink raised by Ateneo students and alumni over a photo of their fellows schmoozing with fomer First Lady Imelda Marcos in an Ateneo Scholarship Foundation (ASF) social event brought to light renewed debate over whether or not former President Ferdinand Marcos really was that bad. Was the former strongman a […]

Run for the banks! Senator Judges behold the return of the ‘S’ word: SEQUESTER

Unintended consequences — the evil spawn of those famous last words: It seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s the cancerous mass-thinking process that latches humanity onto the glitzy, glossy, mind candy of easy shortcuts and quick fixes fuelled by sef-important notions of what one considers to be “noble” goals. “Cheaper faster better” […]

A hypothetical situation: benevolent dictatorship, Philippine style

I had just finished reading for the nth time one of the Op-Center series books by Tom Clancy. The title is Op-Center: Balance of Power. Take note that this is a fictional work, and that this is not a book review. To give a brief background, the Op-Center, or National Crisis Management Center (NCMC), is […]