Government Service: A “Signature industry” Duterte will change

Beware bureaucrats! Change is coming your way! What is the signature industry? It is not uncommon to hear the rants and raves of people, frustrated about how long it takes for government to process an application. Whether it is a business permit, license, passport, clearance, certification, loans and claims from SSS, Pag-Ibig, Philhealth, etc., it’s […]

Malaysia’s crackdown on illegal immigrants: another door soon to close for TNT’s

TNT is a Filipino colloquialism which means tago nang tago, literally (those who) keep hiding. It refers to Filipinos who are abroad illegally – as in without proper documentation and legal clearance – and thus hide from the authorities in order to avoid being deported back to the Philippines. With the way that the number […]

On Syria: Why the Philippines Should Oppose War

As we inch closer to a prospective Western intervention against the Syrian regime, many are still confused over its circumstances and justification. And this has, quite understandably, raised a set of uncomfortable questions for many of us here in the Philippines. On the one hand, many have been appalled by the prospects of an embattled […]