Concrete Evidence of Filipino Unbridled Urban Development

Filipinos are madly in love – as in hard core. In this chapter of our analysis of Filipino dysfunction, let’s touch on the Filipino’s love affair with concrete. If there’s one thing OFWs will pour their hard-earned money into – it’s gonna be cement, truckloads of it!  Why not? Well, development from the Filipino perspective […]

BUSTED: JICA Refutes Pnoy’s Claim on Tacloban Airport Move

For all the stupid things President BS Aquino v. 3.0 says to provide fodder for online and offline critics, it is actually rare to catch him in a flat lie. Rare, but apparently not impossible: Among his otherwise-forgettable comments made during his appearance in locations that are not the City of Tacloban to mark the […]

MMDA’s Proposed Ban and Bane

People are outraged by MMDA’s proposed number coding scheme that is set to ban vehicles plying EDSA for two days instead of one. While the movement seems like a legitimate effort to curb vehicle volume, perhaps the same has not been well thought and apparently costing the administration some points especially with the upcoming SONA. […]

Philippines Scores Another First: NAIA Now Officially the Worst Airport in the World

Hard on the heels of a thoroughly uncomplimentary review of Manila (interesting fact: it’s a dump) by regular visitor Geoffrey James on, Filipinos have a new reason to feel persecuted with the announcement that NAIA was rated the Worst Airport in the World by the Guide to Sleeping in Airports website. The rating is […]

The Mystery of the SONA

For a speech that lasted nearly an hour and was so heavily-laden with facts and figures, the much-anticipated second State of the Nation Address by President Noynoy Aquino has seemed to have left much of the country scratching their heads. Two days have passed since the SONA, and public interest has scarcely waned; that should […]