Why the UP bonfire celebration was truly a microcosm of Filipino society

As team manager Dan Palami had promised, the University of the Philippines (UP) basketball team held a “bonfire celebration” last Saturday, August 9, because the Fighting Maroons won against Adamson University (AdU) in a game from this year’s University Athletics Association of the Philippines (UAAP) season. Now, this is an especially big thing to the […]

Metro Manila, as seen through Sean Ellis’ lens

The film “Metro Manila” by British director Sean Ellis had its media screening last August 13. Starring Jake Macapagal and Althea Vega as Oscar and Mai Ramirez, respectively, the movie tells the story of a family who come to the city from the province in search of work and a better life. However, what they […]

Rule of Law cannot be implemented in the Philippines until Filipinos learn to follow simple guidelines

Upholding ‘rule of law’ in the Philippines is a complicated, labour-intensive exercise. Take the tony enclave of Rockwell in Makati City. It’s got expensive zebra-striped pedestrian lanes painted across most of where its nicely-paved streets intersect. These markings give the impression to someone who does not know of the way things are in the Philippines […]