Winston Q8 Violation of Migrant Workers Act Imperils Health Secretary Ubial’s Confirmation

Bringing change to the country is a monumental challenge that President Rodrigo Duterte ALONE cannot accomplish. This is the reason why it is vitally important that the people he has appointed to his cabinet be able and willing to help him fulfill his campaign promises. Of course, it need not be said that those he […]

Budget for condoms scrapped by Philippine Congress even as HIV infection rates soar

There couldn’t have been a worse time for the Philippine government to axe public funding for contraceptives from the national budget. Despite the new Reproductive Health Law requiring that government health centres provide free condoms and birth control pills, the Philippines’ legislature cut funding for this provision. The original budget submitted to Congress for approval […]

Anti-Vaxxers: A Dangerous Trend the Philippines Needs to Avoid

Parents only want the best for their child, be it as general as a good environment to grow up in or as specific as health. I grew up knowing that quite a number of deadly diseases could easily be cured through vaccination. Granted the means of delivering the vaccine are scary (children always cringe at […]