Americans need to come to terms with their new reality under President Donald Trump

The trouble with Liberals is that they are too open-minded. They are, they themselves insist, “pro-choice”. And this is why liberalism is incompatible with the human condition — becuase human beings suck at coping with an abundance of choice. This is where conservatism resonates — it offers a straight path (in the real sense of […]

On The Left and Going Forward: Making sense of the Donald Trump win

I have been paying attention to GRP since before the BSA3 administration. It was here that I began to truly understand what drove Filipino culture – as well as how it derived from the showbiz culture inherited from the Americans. It was highly understandable to me why Filipinos would swarm to Duterte in droves. Like […]

Trump’s win was a big FU to the Establishment

I would like to start off with a sarcastic humorous note inspired by conservative commentator, Bill Whittle. So a wildly despised loudmouth narcissistic blowhard ran in the recently concluded US elections. Although this candidate said a lot of things and promises during the campaign the truth is that this candidate does not really subscribe to […]