Filipinos should stop believing in Magic

What a word: magic. In Grimwald’s article about the subject of positive thinking, esteemed commenter Sea Bee dropped this little gem of a thought: …despite 500 years of colonization, Filipinos still believe in the aboriginal concept of magic. There is widespread belief in fairies and encantos. Telenovelas who subject is the fairy world are wildly […]

Dark Fantasy: Another Unpopular Genre In The Philippines

I remember writing a brief piece about cosmic horror and why it isn’t exactly popular in the Philippines. Well, truth be told, since it’s more about leaving it to the viewer to his or her imagination, it’s more than a little hard for typical Pinoys to understand, let alone appreciate, the idea of cosmic horror. […]

3 Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid

So, are you ready for round 3 people of the Philippines? Did my last two beatdowns hurt? Well then, get ready because this is going to hurt even more… See, as I’ve come to note again and again, when people coddle you, you never really pay attention to them. Not only do you refuse to […]

Delusion and Ignorance are NOT Positive Things

In her latest article, Fallen Angel shows us how our own culture works against us in various ways. Unfortunately, there are still a good number of commenters who, due to a misguided way of thinking, see things differently and are quick to assume that the article is once again attacking the integrity of the Filipino […]

Putting The Cart Before The Horse: A Serious Pinoy Problem

When I read into history, I can’t help but notice that the Philippines has so little to show when it comes to leaving a mark on the world at large. I mean sure, we have people like Manny Pacquiao, Leah Salonga and quite a few other individuals who are of some worth on a global […]

Pinoy Culture and a Nation Gone Mad

“Insanity is repeating the same action while expecting a different result.” ~Albert Einstein During my days as a student nurse, I was once forced to work at a mental hospital somewhere in Manila. For the sake of privacy, I’ll hide the identities of the personnel involved, including mine of course. Anyway, one of the clients […]

Denial Syndrome: The Pinoy Big Problem

So far, three major issues are being discussed just about everywhere right now: There’s Lea Salonga’s tweet about the apparent lack of freedom in the Philippines which is discussed by these articles. Then there’s the housing and squatter problem in Manila as depicted by a certain aerial photograph and this article here by Benign0 analyzes […]

Why I Think Filipinos are Immature

So, it has come to this. Sadly, while I am pleased to know that more and more people are waking up intellectually because of the Aquino administration’s repetitive mishaps, a lot more remain delusional regarding the true state of the country. To this day, I still meet a lot of people who are in vehement […]