The resignation of Davao Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte proves he has “delicadeza”

Back in the time of former President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III, no amount of calls to resign even following astounding displays of incompetence — often resulting in fatal outcomes — could move any government official to relinquish their posts for the sake of delicadeza. Despite mind-boggling pork barrel thievery with money trails leading back […]

De Lima’s latest dilemma: a puzzle of intentions

Things aren’t exactly going well for PNoy’s feisty lackey’s prospective career path. Her recent decision to accept her nomination for the position of Chief Justice was met with distaste from several figures in the government, some of them even from PNoy’s camp. The possible appointment of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima as the 24th chief […]

Senator Miriam Santiago is just what the doctor ordered for the prosecution

I know what the Philippines needs. We need more people like Senator Miriam Santiago. We need more people like her who won’t think twice about saying the truth. Senator Santiago doesn’t care about what other people think of her because she has the balls to tell them outright when they are being stupid. And the […]

Senator Zubiri resignation: Is it an admission of guilt?

Quite a number of Filipinos were shocked by the news that Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri had filed his resignation following allegations of electoral fraud during the 2007 senatorial elections. The move was a first in Philippine political history. There has been no Filipino public official on record who resigned out of delicadeza or shame in […]