Did VP Jejomar Binay Just Lose All His Credibility?

So the debate between Vice President Jejomar “Jojo” Binay and Senator Antonio “Sonny” Trillanes IV won’t push through, eh? Not that I think that theĀ Filipino masses really care about a proper debate and would actually make a VERY early decision on who to vote for as President in 2016 based on how such a debate […]

Why Jejomar Binay running for president is a good thing for Philippine ‘democracy’

Here’s a timely reminder to all political “experts” out there. Philippine ‘elections’ are really all about winnability. Specifically, at this time in particular, who’s gonna WIN in the 2016 presidential elections. So far there is only one horse running the race — current Vice President Jejomar Binay. So unless someone steps up to mount a […]

Binay backs out from much-awaited 27th November debate, Trillanes relieved!

Mutineer-turned-‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV can now heave a sigh of relief. Vice President Jejomar Binay has reportedly backed out from a challenge to a debate he had issued to Trillanes mid-October this year. After some dithering on both camps, the 27th of November was agreed as the date of the face-off between the two. Binay […]

The long-awaited Binay-Trillanes political cockfight: Place your bets!

Filipinos are getting impatient. It’s been many days now since Vice President Jejomar Binay challenged his nemesis ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV to a “debate”. And as the days wear on, the chances that this will actually happen get slimmer as both camps realise that this is likely going to turn out to be a battle […]

If Antonio Trillanes IV is a monkey-see-monkey-do kinda guy, what’s he doing in the Senate?

It must be ‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV’s lucky day. United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) interim president Toby Tiangco is not too keen on seeing a debate between Trillanes and Vice President Jejomar Binay. So the convicted mutineer turned ‘senator’ may have been given a much-needed pass on what could have been for him an utterly humiliating […]

Binay-Trillanes debate! Yay!

So convicted-mutineer-turned-Philippine-‘senator’ Antonio Trillanes IV has reportedly accepted a challenge from Vice President Jejomar Binay to a debate. Interesting and exciting times ahead! Trillanes will, of course, presume to grill the VP on the vast properties he allegedly owns. Binay will likely be denying. Hovering on top of all that will be Trillanes’s erstwhile “good” […]

Do Filipinos understand what debates are really all about?

It seems Nancy Binay has recently become the subject of a few satirical articles. The focus of such satire is her apparent aversion towards participation in any kind of political debate during the election campaign. Court grants Nancy Binay’s Temporary Protection Order (TPO) petition against debates Nancy Binay reveals childhood trauma: “Papa forced me to […]

Shock activism! Have Filipino ‘activists’ become the very politicians they presume to criticize?

It seems when things happen to be convenient for us, we are willing to lower the bar of the standards of decency we apply and the principles we presume to pontificate about. Recall how jeepneys were once regarded as “ingenious” quick solutions to what at the time was a grossly-misunderstood issue of mobility in a […]