Cebu Pacific flight 5J-971 aftermath – business as usual in Mediocrestan?

The latest buzz making the rounds among the chattering classes is the mishap involving Cebu Pacific flight 5J-971, how it overshot the runway, and the appalling reaction and handling of the situation by Cebu Pacific crew. In fact, it has even gone so far that Ateneo De Davao University (ADDU) president Joel Tabora has called […]

What Filipinos will likely fail to learn from Cebu Pacific Flight 5J-971 to Davao

Following a mishap involving Cebu Pacific Flight 5J-971 overshooting the runway while landing at Davao City airport last Sunday, passengeres were reportedly critical of the way pilots and cabin crew responded to the emergency in the crucial minutes following the mishap. According to passengers, the pilots and crew were unhelpful in the face of “fright […]

Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) now a supertyphoon hits Mindanao and expected to rip through the Visayas

As of 5:00 am Tuesday 04 Dec 2012 Typhoon Pablo (international code name “Bopha”) made landfall on the east coast of Mindanao near Davao City. The storm was reportedly given a Category 5 rating or “super typhoon” class by analysts of the United States’ National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Monday. Dr. Jeff Masters, of […]

Law and Order – Philippine style

The longer I write about Philippine society and its politics, the more convinced I get that the country’s state of law and order is a joke. Take Davao City for instance. All this time I thought that the city was a model for what following the “rule of law” could do. It turns out, to […]

Bishop supports Duterte-style law-and-order and human rights activists shy away from fingering Duterte

The imbroglio Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte suddenly finds herself in after she punched court sheriff Abe Andres on the face in front of TV cameras is becoming complicated. It is complicated by her family’s uncoordinated public relations approach as evident in the belligerent stance her father, now acting Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, exhibited when he […]

Davao Death Squads – do they deliver results or just more problems?

The alleged assault against court sheriff Abe Andres by Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte is now turning into a media circus. But one good thing that came out of this recent dragging of the premier city of the southern Philippine island of Mindanao into the limelight is the renewed interest in the spotty human rights […]

The problem of squatters in the Philippines cannot be solved by invoking ‘humanitarian’ appeal

But of course. Perhaps there is some merit in what a “human rights regional official” and the “officers of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines” assert in siding with Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte on the grounds that taking “the humanitarian point of view” is called for in this situation. This situation, relates to Duterte’s […]