Customs and Traditions Filipinos Should Start to Stop

A girl in the US who was assisting her mother cook the Thanksgiving turkey was quite puzzled when she noticed her mother slice off the two ends of the turkey before placing it in the oven. Wondering why such choice portions had to be removed seemingly unnecessarily, she asked her mother the reason. The mother […]

Let’s Change what #NeverAgain Means

Seems that #NeverAgain is being spread as a much-overused and tired propaganda buzzword. It’s used to make people believe martial law will be restored once Bongbong Marcos gets elected into a higher position. Really, GRP Webmaster Benign0 is right: it will never come back even if Marcos comes to power. It’s actually being used for […]

Starlet Angelica Panganiban offers some important lessons

Filipino starlet Angelica Panganiban reportedly went into a less-than-angelic tililing rampage when a customs officer slapped a tax on two Hermès bags she was attempting to hand-carry through a Manila airport. The author of the report wrote that Panganiban “should be thankful that the customs duty collector was kind enough to put up with her […]