Will the Pinoy Way ever work?

The Pinoy Way is that set of behaviors, mannerisms, and cultural idiosyncrasies which have become a staple and hallmark of Filipino culture and society as we see it manifest today. Filipino culture is seemingly built up on three pillars of dysfunction. This means that all the observed dysfunctional behaviors of Filipinos as of yet (I […]

Does and can anybody still feel safe and secure in the Philippines?

Earthquakes, super typhoons, bus accidents, mall robberies, among others – if you were to dispassionately look at the Philippines at any angle, you would get the feeling that it wouldn’t be a very safe place to live in. On the other hand, you’ve got electricity rates (just raised before the holidays) that count as among […]

Mark Joseph Solis

“Froth and Bubble”, “Toil and Trouble”

Plagiarism is personal to me, having been a victim myself , unfortunately many think plagiarism is a none issue. Well sorry to say that, plagiarism has one big repercussion that should make each Filipino conscious and cautious about and it is losing our credibility and the respect of the international market. Fact is, we are already […]