Florin Hilbay’s ‘information police’ proposal reveals just how ignorant a society the Philippines is

Despite the length of the Senate inquiry on “fake news” and the amount of noise it generated, there was very little real insight that came out other than the realisation that information is “out of control” in the Philippines and, as a result, “the truth is dead” in its society. Yet, whilst a lot of […]

Crime does not pay in the Philippines – or so Filipinos would like to think

With Senator Jinggoy Estrada now on his way to the slammer, it’s two down, one to go. That’s right, Filipinos are keeping score. With glee. They see the imprisonment of Estrada along with Senator Bong Revilla and soon, presumably, Senator Juan Ponce Enrile as vindication that, indeed, crime does not pay. The three Senators are […]

Does and can anybody still feel safe and secure in the Philippines?

Earthquakes, super typhoons, bus accidents, mall robberies, among others – if you were to dispassionately look at the Philippines at any angle, you would get the feeling that it wouldn’t be a very safe place to live in. On the other hand, you’ve got electricity rates (just raised before the holidays) that count as among […]

It’s more gun in the Philippines!

Funny, I always thought it was national snack chicharon, a renowned tolerance for obvious road killers like jeepneys, the corrosive lead-laced gaseous mix that passes off for air in their capital city, toxic in-laws, and their aversion to exercise that kills the most Fillipinos. All true, perhaps. But the biggest challenge to Filipinos living to […]

All for SALN and SALN for all!

The obvious place all the skirt-lifting that had been going on over the thirty-odd working days of the impeachment trial of Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona is starting to emerge in the horizon. Indeed, it is easy to quibble over how the “accuracy” with which Corona declared his assets and liabilities on that hallowed […]