Here’s why it’s hard to feel sorry for ‘unmasked’ anonymous bloggers…

It’s a jungle out there, so goes the words of caution that we, our elders, and friends often throw out. Once we step outside our comfort zones, we soon realize – usually the hard way – that the world outside them is unforgiving, brutal, and not for the faint of heart. Whatever rules and conventions […]

To @RapplerDotCom ‘thought leader’ @seclaudio: Apology accepted

You don’t need to be a perfect, sinless person to be a critic. You just need to be consistent and rational. More importantly, what you shouldn’t be is a shill like Rappler “thought leader” Sylvia Estrada Claudio who, in her latest “thought” piece I apologize for being a critic, issued this vow: As a way […]

The Liberal Party has FAILED in its role as part of ‘the opposition’

There is something to be said about how the Liberal Party (LP), the political force that has remained ubiquitous ever since the 1986 People Power Movement, has handled its role as part of political opposition to the Rodrigo Duterte administration. The volume of statements coming from the LP-led opposition has not died down, despite the […]

Taboo Topics In the Philippines (And Why We Need To Discuss Them)

“Taboo” a word that can be best amount to “abominable subject matter”. A taboo can encompass a lot of things. From things you would never do to things that you don’t even want to talk about. In our culture, I cannot help but notice that there are just too many taboo topics. Now, I know […]

Why are you so negative? And other frequently asked questions answered

Every now and then, I get asked the same questions I have answered so many times before. I understand that not everyone will see my responses so I have compiled the frequently asked questions with my corresponding answers for everyone’s convenience: 1. When you highlight what is wrong in Philippine society, aren’t you being negative? […]

Why I Think ‘Nice’ No Longer Works For Filipinos

So, did you think the match was over? Did you think that I just had three scathing articles to offers? Well, guess what. It’s far from over. Believe me, I’m just getting started and you ain’t seen nothing yet. There’s a lot more where my last three articles came from and we’re barely even done with the introductions! So, […]

Why I Think Noynoy Aquino Should Resign: A Rant

Look guys, it’s in the title, this is actually more of a rant than an actual article but I think you guys need to hear this out anyway… GRP has time and time again been called out on being Anti-Aquino and, indeed, many rabid loyalists of the “yellow” administration has called us and many others […]

Junkies and Pinoys: Why They Aren’t All That Different

While a lot of our critics like to claim that we here at GRP are “negative”, I need to question them about their own perception and just what being “negative” actually means to them. As of late, we have been getting more than the regular comments and arguments against the way we like to criticize the […]