Pretty sure Xian Gaza had already been friendzoned by Erich Gonzales

It’s another one of those really bizarre trending “issues” in the Philippines. Apparently the Pinoy Net is abuzz not over the recent Supreme Court affirmation of Duterte’s Mindanao Martial Law but around that other bigger issue of global consequence, a billboard put up by businessman Xian Gaza who is “CEO of Guanxiqian Group” according to […]

What women like Deniece Cornejo teach us about rape

Wow! Turns out my initial hunches about the Vhong Navarro incident were right! Unlike Senator Bong Revilla’s toy truckload of evidence (literally), the evidence burying mobster Cedric Lee and girlette Deniece Cornejo is mountainous (figuratively). As such, I find it hard to believe it when I see some people still coming to the defense of […]

Filipinas are forced to look for real men from overseas

Aren’t there enough Filipino men in the country good enough for some Filipino women (Filipinas)? As far as I know, there is no shortage of Filipino men and I haven’t heard of any reports that say there is an imbalance in the sex ratio that would compel some Filipinas to seek men from overseas either. […]