Liar’s poker #FamousSinungalingLines

Been seeing this hashtag (which literally means “famous lying lines”) on Twitter and even on Facebook lately. How timely! These are days marked by much lying. In politics, specially. But we won’t go into that. Lying in politics, after all, is such a banality. It’s a wonder people still go out and vote. Filipino voters […]

Outrage Fad erupts over Cosmetic Joke by British Comedienne

British Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan is in Filipino crosshairs for yet another episode of misguided Filipino outrage. She recently told a joke which mentions “Filipinos,” which you can see in the accompanying pic, at a cosmetics industry event. It was part of “things unlikely to be heard in a cosmetics factory,” which obviously contains inside […]

The emergence of the Filipino metrosexual and the rise of the man-beauty industry in the Philippines

Omg, what’s gotten over Filipino malehood? Reuters observed in a recent report that “Whether it is just a normal facial or an expensive power peel, pricey whitening skin care products or a cheap, improvised facial mask, looking good and flawless is a top priority for the Filipino ‘macho’ man.” The report, as a matter of […]

Miss Korea 2013 meme: Have Koreans flipped on plastic surgery?

Like the way computer-aided design and engineering has resulted in the convergence of automobile design to a general look that, technologies and procedures that enhance physical appearances that have become increasingly available and affordable are now resulting in a creepy convergence in “beauty”. Making waves across the net is a set of photos said to […]

Fair skin equals 100 percent ‘sosyal’ screams Belo ad!

The following was captured from an image of one of three ads uploaded to the Belo Men Facebook Page at 6:15pm 01 July 2012 (AEST). The ad images had apparently since been removed from that page. The ad features a fair-skinned Filipino(?) man standing in front of what looks like a white Korean-made economy sedan […]

Supermoms to the rescue!

Pity the 21st Century wife and mother. It seems there is some kind of mysterious social force today that puts pressure on her to be some sort of “supermom”. The typical self-described supermom is a sort of sad caricature of the “liberated woman” aspired to by the old late-1960s feminist movement. She is a creation […]

Filipinos cry racism over Bela Padilla FHM cover

The most recent cover of FHM Philippines — a popular men’s magazine that features scantily-clad women as its main selling feature — made global waves after it featured starlet Bela Padilla posed in a brightly-coloured bikini surrounded by black models in black bikinis. The tagline at the bottom screamed “Stepping out of the shadows” in […]