On Booing Corona and More Misguided Outrage Fads

One of the more remarkable events that occurred during the August 26 Luneta Rally (I wonder how many of them went on the spot where the Bus Hostage Crisis happened) , was the reported booing of former Chief Justice Renato Corona when he appeared at the rally. I also noticed a lot of rabid anti-Coronans […]

“Nganga!” goes the Filipino taxpayer

Filipino taxpayers can take pride in sponsoring two expensive teledramas. In 2012, we saw the Club 188 signatories expedite the impeachement of then Chief Justice Corona, courtesy of a Powerpoint presentation. The drama was blown to a full scale at the senate, where we saw a nation polarized by the eloquent grandstanding of our public […]

How many more scapegoats do we need, PNoy?

As soon as I finish my dinner, I make it a habit to allow my thoughts to float around to kill some time and stimulate my noggin. This time, my musings led me to a specific passage from one of my old, old articles. Projection has been a Filipino’s primary weapon when it comes to facing problems, […]

From Corona to GMA: The Philippine Hate-Bandwagon

We have witnessed in the past months how ex-Chief Justice Renato Corona received the lion’s share of jeers and insults from the Filipino populace in the duration of his impeachment trial. He was accused of a whole bunch of crimes, the most memorable of which is betrayal of public trust, judging by inaccuracies in his […]

PNoy and the Waiver: The Straight Path to Hypocrisy

Once upon a time, then senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III made a bold declaration in a press release during his presidential campaign. “I am willing if necessary (to waive my rights under the Bank Secrecy Law)…but I will not presume for others who will join government,” he said in the Second Integrity and Human Rights […]