Why I Think The Catholic Church In The Philippines Is Doing More Harm Than Good

The Catholic Church in the Philippines has become one of the largest institutions in our country. One can even say that it had a hand in the way our country came to be all those centuries ago when the Spanish first came to our shores. However, what I can’t help but notice is how the […]

Will handing out free condoms to Filipinos really solve the Philippines’ population problem?

Why do Filipinos need to be handed out free condoms? Why can’t Pinoy men just buy them like any other red-blooded guy who works for a living? At about five to ten pesos per piece (or 15 up to 45 pesos a pack), condoms cost far less per bang (pun intended) than a baby. Simple […]

Why The Philippine Government Is Right in Cutting the Budget for Contraception

Recently, Health Secretary Janette Garin told the press that the budget for contraceptives has been scrapped. As if the tensions were not big enough during the discussion on the RH Bill, this decision took the conflict to a whole new level. It is a classic clash between the conservatives and the liberals, definitely much more […]

Public Health Advisory: HIV Outbreak In The Philippines

After reading Benign0’s latest article regarding the rise of HIV in the Philippines, I find myself both alarmed and disappointed in my own country. It’s just really sad how our government has essentially screwed its own people over without any real regard for their safety and welfare. Indeed, perhaps there really is some truth to […]

Budget for condoms scrapped by Philippine Congress even as HIV infection rates soar

There couldn’t have been a worse time for the Philippine government to axe public funding for contraceptives from the national budget. Despite the new Reproductive Health Law requiring that government health centres provide free condoms and birth control pills, the Philippines’ legislature cut funding for this provision. The original budget submitted to Congress for approval […]

A Deadly Cocktail of Religion and Politics in the Philippines

The Philippines is a nation of people who would describe themselves as “God fearing”; where their lives revolve around entrusting everything to God. 80% of the population consists of Roman Catholics. This is also a nation where the phrase “malling” exists as a hobby since Filipinos just love to spend their spare time hanging out in […]

The whole point of sex is reproduction, not the pleasure that comes with it

We need to clear up something in order for the ‘debate’ on the use of contraceptives to progress. In today’s modern societies, sex has been made out to be the be-all-end-all recreational activity to the point that Philippine Senator Pia Cayetano pushed hard to enshrine a woman’s “right” to “satisfying sex” in reproductive health legislation. […]

Top smut consumers: Filipinos just need some stimulation on the fly

Hey, here’s another item to chalk up for “Pinoy pride”! According to a GMA News report, Filipinos are among the top viewers of Internet porn in the world. Filipinos, it seems, are renowned for their “stamina” when it comes to their duration of visits to the porn site P0rnHub_dot_com [Editor note: Spelling changed as a […]