Businessweek’s business of talking up the Philippine economy

With growth in big developed economies all but flatlining, what do firms — investment banks and securities trading houses — whose entire business models hinge upon “growth” ad infinitum turn to? Where else but to ever more volatile and unreliable “emerging markets”. The Philippines is in one of these arbitrary lists of “emerging” economies — […]

Earth Hour 2012: the scam continues…

How many times in history have we embraced new technologies and the sales pitches that came along with them only to discover completely unexpected consequences that came (to be fair, along with the leaps in efficiency and seismic shifts in socio-economic paradigms) with them? Computers have not created the “paperless” office, nor eliminated time-wasting meetings […]

Supermoms to the rescue!

Pity the 21st Century wife and mother. It seems there is some kind of mysterious social force today that puts pressure on her to be some sort of “supermom”. The typical self-described supermom is a sort of sad caricature of the “liberated woman” aspired to by the old late-1960s feminist movement. She is a creation […]

Understanding the concept of wealth

Wealth, in primitive times would have been attributed to simple things like a reduced chance of being eaten by a predator, an improved ability to survive a fight with another tribesman, and increased hunting performance among others. Over millennia, as the amount of humanity’s collective wealth increased this way the nature of wealth changed. The […]