The myth of the ‘tech savvy’ generation

We are in the midst of an unprecedented technology revolution. Technology has all but woven itself into the very fabric of society and into the lives of the individuals that comprise it. “Wearable technology” apparently is now the next big thing. What will likely come next after that will be implanted tech. As our relationship […]

The men and women behind Voyager 1 put to shame the iPhone generation of the 21st Century

I read with wonder how Voyager 1, a little space probe launched by the United States in 1977 had “finally” left our solar system — “for real this time” according to a Scientific American report. What is really amazing about this spacecraft and the men and women who designed, built, launched, and worked with it […]

PCOS debacle: Is the software source code really important?

The source code is the format of a program in human-readable format (that is, as far as computer programs go). It most intuitively describes the logic followed by a computer that is running said program. Programs written in high-level languages like Visual Basic, Javascript, PERL, PHP, or database languages like Standard Query Language (SQL) and […]