Millions of pesos stolen in pork scam; now billions could be stolen under the BBL

The recently published report from the Commission on Audit (COA) has confirmed what some of us have suspected all along: the current Philippine government’s policy to uplift the status of the poor could be a scam for government officials to pocket public funds. The report is also a good case against the proposed Bangsamoro Basic […]

The Anatomy of Guilt: Masters of the Philippines’ Big Lie

“The truth lies in the early actuations of the guilty.” — The Author The Case of Angelo Reyes Remember the initial response of former Defense chief Angelo Reyes when he was questioned by the Senate about the “pabaon” that Lt. Col. George Rabusa, a former military budget officer, accused him of receiving when he retired […]

Jinggoy Estrada drops bombs on the PDAF issue in privilege speech!

“If we live, we live like kings. If we die, we take a great many with us. That is Sing Wah.” – Kung Fu, the Legend Continues P50M additional was given to senators who would convict then Chief Justice Renato Corona. This was stated by Senator Jinggoy Estrada in a recent privilege speech. He further […]

The Philippines: An inherently unjust society where criminals big and small get away

Injustice pervades Filipino society from head to toe. Most recent is the exceedingly tragic fate that befell 25-year-old Kae Davantes whose hog-tied remains were found last Saturday after she went missing on Friday last week. The words “a parent’s worst nightmare” in no way comes close to describing the sort of grief that one can […]

The tragedy…

This cover of the BizNews Asia magazine  has been making the rounds in social media. I shared many skeptics into thinking that this could be another well rendered fake magazine cover remiscent of the Time magazine parody that trolled Inquirer. So to quell doubts, off I went to the nearest bookstore. I was supposed to […]

PNoy misled public on pork barrel funds: It’s still in the budget and legislators still want it

Tax evasion should not be a criminal offense anymore in the Philippines. After all, some of the country’s public servants, those who blatantly steal taxpayers’ money, do not get prosecuted or go to jail. It is even quite baffling how members of Congress made a big deal out of former Chief Justice Renato Corona’s undeclared […]

PNoy’s reason for keeping the PDAF is weak, pork barrel should be abolished

The number of Filipinos who are getting fed up with Philippine President Benigno Simeon “BS” Aquino III is definitely growing. As Churchill would say, he has all the virtues they dislike and none of the vices they admire. Granted, there are still those who are in denial of the likelihood that BS Aquino personally benefits […]

Senator Enrile allegedly gives out public money to senators

The reign of Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile could be coming to an end. If 2012 saw him lauded by the public for what they thought was his “greatest” performance during the impeachment trial of former Chief Justice Renato Corona, 2013 is starting out to be “scandalous” for the octogenarian politician. Concerned Filipinos were shocked […]