Rappler journalists act like onion-skinned cry-babies

Let us talk about Rappler. Yes, the online news site that serves up content more like a well-oiled blogsite. There is a lot to be said about a supposed media company whose writers write more about themselves than the news itself. First, the organisation found itself in hot water and is now facing possible closure […]

‘Fake News’ crusader Maria Ressa uses Wikipedia as reference for ‘fake news’ accusations!

What possessed Rappler CEO Maria Ressa to post a link to an FHM Philippines article that then links to a Wikipedia article that exhibits a “List of Philippine Fake News Sites”? Everyone knows that Wikipedia is not a reliable source of “news”. Yet here is the self-appointed “thought leader” on all things digital, a crusader […]

Editors of the Wikipedia list of Philippine “fake news” sites are not experts on “fake news”

A certain Carlos Nazareno (who tweets as @object404) has been revealed to be the person behind a list of Filipino “fake news sites” posted on a controlled page in Wikipedia. The Philippine list rests on the dubious authority of several organisations that are actively campaigning against “fake news”, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines […]