Grace Poe at odds with SC judges and losing mandate even before 2016 elections

While reading the news about media’s favorite candidates for the 2016 Philippine Presidential elections, I cannot help but think that it seems the immediate future is not looking good for Filipinos at all. It looks like the tradition of holding a circus during a national election is going to continue. This time, there are so […]

Grace Poe’s Citizenship Issue: Roxas’ Last Hope To Win The Presidency?

Just now, I came across an article from which a friend of mine says carries a misleading headline because he says it may give the impression that Senate Electoral Tribunal Chair Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio had rendered a decision regarding the citizenship of Grace Poe. In the body of the article it reads: […]

Jim Paredes bets 10 million pesos on Australian citizenship row with Bobi Tiglao

Jim Paredes, Filipino entertainer and die-hard fan of President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III, is on the warpath. On a Facebook post today, he lashed out at veteran Manila Times columnist Rigoberto ‘Bobi’ Tiglao accusing him of making false statements about his citizenship. Paredes was reacting to a blog post on (Politiko) titled Tiglao […]

How can Grace Poe run the Philippines properly if she cannot even fill out a form accurately?

Never mind the issues surrounding her citizenship and residency status, what Filipino voters need to worry about is whether Senator Grace Poe is fit to lead the Philippines or not. It’s actually mind-boggling how her detractors are focusing too much on the technicalities of her qualifications to run for the Presidential election in 2016 considering […]

3 ways a lack of ethical citizenship serves as a serious roadblock to Philippine progress

The trouble with Filipinos is that they don’t see any meaning in their lives that is bigger than themselves. At best there is, like most warm-blooded mammals with bulges in their heads wider than their brainstems, that instinctive altruism for his own immediate family. But even that one is often brought to question on account […]

Where there is no Andray Blatche, there is no Gilas Pilipinas

As we asserted a few times earlier, Gilas Pilipinas is really just The Andray Blatche Show. This reality about the Philippines’ flag bearer to the FIBA World Cup in Spain this year was punctuated this week after the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) ruled against Blatche being included in the Philippine basketball team playing in […]