Filipinos should stop believing in Magic

What a word: magic. In Grimwald’s article about the subject of positive thinking, esteemed commenter Sea Bee dropped this little gem of a thought: …despite 500 years of colonization, Filipinos still believe in the aboriginal concept of magic. There is widespread belief in fairies and encantos. Telenovelas who subject is the fairy world are wildly […]

Filipino Misconceptions of Sacrifice

It’s timely that Benign0 had come out with an article that discusses the twisting of the concept of sacrifice by Filipino culture. Indeed, it is twisted when one says they have made a “sacrifice,” when it is actually anything but that. I remember a commenter named Palebluedot once said: “I still blame the Catholic Church […]

Happiness without Pride is Possible… and Better

A lot of defenders of Pinoy Pride are insisting that pride is necessary for happiness. I believe this is based on a lot of misconceptions about happiness. Much of people’s concepts are being formed by popular culture. For example, the Pinoy Pride culture promotes boasting a fellow Filipino is a better boxer than another. If […]