Amazing grace: Bongbong Marcos could’ve struck back during #PiliPinasDebates2016 but chose not to

Imagine if vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos (BBM) was as abrasive and harsh as Alan Peter Cayetano. Yesterday’s vice presidential debate would have deteriorated very quickly. BBM kept his cool because nothing could be achieved by attacking back. Yet, he could if we think about it. Rene Cayetano, the father of Alan, was a partner […]

Bongbong Marcos was a class act in #PiliPinasDebates2016 Episode 2

It was a fine battle of brains and wit the likes of which had not been seen in Philippine politics for years! But it was not a battle amongst equals. As my colleague Ilda had earlier pointed out, vice presidential candidate Bongbong Marcos was a clear standout in last night’s vice presidents’ debate (dubbed #PiliPinasDebates2016) […]

Senator Bongbong Marcos was the crowd favorite at the Vice Presidential Debates #PiliPinasDebates2016

The one and only Vice Presidential Debates hosted by CNN Philippines became mostly about Senator Bongbong Marcos. If not for Marcos Jr, the debates would have been boring. It seems most people just want to hear from him and what he has to say. Well, except of course for the hecklers who kept interrupting him […]

Homestretch Showdown: Grace vs. Rody and Chiz vs. Bongbong

With roughly a month to go, I guess many of you have already “cast in stone” the names of who you plan to vote this coming May 2016 presidential elections. But just a final word of advice from someone who’s “been there done that”: Don’t waste your vote guys! You will only regret seeing your vote […]

The Tagalog language consists of words that hardly mean anything of substance

Tagalog is a derivative of the Malay languages as Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasia Malaysia are. They are languages of experiences and emotions. They are NOT languages of the MIND as English, Spanish, German, French, etc, which are derivatives of Latin, are. Latin, in turn, derives its concept from Ancient Greek, which of course found its […]

At The Home Stretch: It’s Grace Vs. Jojo, Chiz Vs. Bongbong (Part One)

I still don’t give that much credence to what the surveys say and so I am basing my guesses on nothing but a lot of rough figuring at this point coupled with whatever strikes me as sensible at the moment. Regardless of what our so called “political analysts” are saying at this point, my method […]

The Choice is Clear: Mar and Leni for 2016

On Grace and Chiz I would have voted for Grace Poe if she had run for Vice President in 2016. I probably would have voted for Grace Poe if she had proceeded to run for President in 2022. But I decided NOT to vote for Grace Poe in 2016 after she selected Chiz Escudero as […]

#GodSaveOurDemocracy From A Roxas Regime (Part Two)

(This continues the fictional reconstruction of conversations I’ve had with several political operators a couple of weeks ago. There are many ways of telling the truth, sometimes it’s just more interesting to point at it with what is essentially a lie.) (Read Part One Here) “The very essence of democracy is the freedom to choose. But […]