Andrea Brillantes: Latest victim of social media’s dark underbelly

The Net is on fire in the Philippines over the “viral” spread of a personal video allegedly of Filipino showbiz celebrity Andrea Brillantes. Brillantes, star of the hit TV drama series Annaliza, is only 12 years old. But this fact does not seem to stop online perverts from downloading and sharing the video. As of […]

Kris Aquino’s planned move to America: What’s it all about?

So Kris Aquino wants to move to the US. She says she wants her son Bimby to experience life there — presumably life without maids and drivers. That’s nice. At least she recognizes something about the weird way kids grow up here in the Philippines nowadays. I notice the trend. Many Pinoy kids are so […]

Mensahe Bago Mag-Araw Ng Mga Puso

Pebrero na naman at marami na namang nagsasabi na “nasa hangin ang amoy ng pag-ibig”. Kaya nga lang, wala akong ibang naamoy kundi ang nasusunog na gulong sa bakuran ng aking kapit-bahay at ang alimuyak ng barbecue na naggagaling sa aking kusina. Maari niyong sabihin na isa akong nag-iisa at inggitin na kumag, pero hindi […]

What Pinoys Get Wrong About Rights: Dehumanization In The Media

Ever since the EDSA Revolution, the Philippines and its people has always been proud to be supportive of the “human rights” movement. Since then, Filipinos came to view the Marcos regime and Marcos’ disciplinarian and authoritative mindset as tyrannical and evil. They vilified all his works and sought to bring down everything Marcos had established […]

Videogames And Children: A Bad Combination?

With the inexorable advance of technology comes the inexorable advance to seek entertainment. When computers were first introduced to the public, they were still quite primitive and much of their performance could be easily compared to something just a little more advanced than your scientific calculator. Just a few years since their creation, the idea of […]

Parenting, The Youth And Modern Living

For almost a year now, I have been an assistant for a guidance councilor. Mostly, I’m just a glorified stooge, I just help her in her office all the while listening to the children (and sometimes even parents) who are sent her way with their respective stories. Problems are a fact of life and no one person […]

The Self-Defeating Principles Of The Philippines

I had written a rather harsh article here in GRP about the immaturity of many Filipinos and Filipino society in general. Indeed, I must agree with a few commenters that the article was rather extreme because it openly criticized the inherent issues of the Philippines. However, while I do admit that the article must have felt like […]